Intuitive Universe- Intuition and Grounding can Change your Universe!

Through social fear and other negative vibrations, we have been conditioned to approach life’s challenges from a place of lack and very little control. Yet in truth we have more power and direction over our life path than we believe. Intuition and grounding can help bring clarity and resolution to many of life’s trials and tribulations.

Your personal bond with the universe can be strengthened through practicing a number of intuitive techniques! These techniques can help you better recognize the challenges in your life as opportunities that come your way and to find clarity through the lessons learned!

As an Intuitive Psychic Practitioner, I work with my clients and our Spiritual Guides to help gain a deeper understanding of their life events. Through an assortment of practices, I receive and give practical advice from Spirit to my clients as to what concerns they have in their lives.

I also share natural methods of Spacial Clearing and Cleansing, personalized techniques of meditation and Inner Retropection and have many positive conversations with my clients about achieving an abundant fulfilling life for themselves and a more positive existence!

I have been an Intuitive Practicioner for much of my life but enhanced my gifts over the past 11 years by training and working with the American Association of Psychics & Healers!

Please contact me through any of the listed avenues and I look forward to talking and working with you soon!

Glenn Smith

Glenn has been a member of the AAOP & AAOH since 2003.

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Glenn Smith-Intuitive Psychic Counseling